Invoicing Terms: Invoicing will be sent via electronic mail (e-mail) as an attached PDF file.  It is the member’s responsibility to ensure membership does not expire or lapse.  A paper invoice will be sent once your 1st electronic invoice becomes late. Prior to membership expiring, one telephone collection call will be made to your organization between 30-60 days past due. Lastly, invoices that remain late for 90 days total (60 Days Past Due), please see Late Payment Terms listed below.

Payment Terms: Payments can be made in cash, check or credit card.  Monthly memberships are only accepted by recurring credit card transaction.  At the time of application, the first and last month membership payment will be collected and processed, if you need assistance please call 515-989-4216.

Insufficient Funds Policy: If any form of payment is returned to the Carlisle Area Chamber a $20 returned payment fee, per transaction, and is invoiced to the payer, plus any late payment terms that apply.

Termination and Cancelation Policy: A Membership can be termination or canceled at any time without notice by the payee or payer, all payments are forfeited.

Billing Policy: Payments are for memberships in the future.  If paying annually, dues are due September 1st and are late and past due December 1st.  If paying monthly, dues are charged on the 1nd of every month, and are late on the last day of the month, and past due after 60 more days.

Tax: All pricing excludes any applicable tax.