Annual Strategic Planning

A strategic planning and board orientation meeting was held in January. We were able to set goals for the upcoming year and beyond, which I am confident our members will appreciate.

Key Takeaways From Our 2022 Strategic Plan

Grow Carlisle Chamber/Membership

  1. Increase Membership
  2. Retain What % of Membership
  3. Retain What % of Membership Dollars for the Year


  1. Increase Membership by 5
  2. Retain 97% of Membership
  3. Retain 97% Membership Dollars
  4. Specific on Why to Join the Chamber

Lunch & Learn

  1. How Often?
  2. What Are Our Members Looking For?
  3. How Do We Get Our Membership Involved?

Lunch & Learn

  1. Survey to membership on topics, meeting morning, noon or night
  2. At least – Possibly March, May, July September, November (this would include special events such as Legislative luncheon, Women’s Mentoring)
  3. Great Speakers
  4. Sponsorships for Lunch & Learns
    • $50.00 for Sponsorship
    • Give 5 Minutes to Present Business, Handouts, Logos on all Promotional Items
  5. Charge for Lunch – $5.00 for members, $10.00 for non-members

Our Products/Services That Benefit Our Members

  1. What Type of Value Added Can We Give Our Members?
  2. Reach Out to Members to Discuss Issues of Concern & Chamber


  1. Membership Luncheons
  2. New Type of Sponsorships
  3. Hold Small Group Meetings to Discuss Concerns & Chamber (What Can We do For You)?
  4. Carlisle Directory & Community Guide
    • Advertise Your Business
    • Listed in GDMP Membership (6,000 Members)
    • Sign on Highway to Advertise Business
  5. Continue with many events held in 2021 such as:
    • City Council, School Board Forums as they arise
    • Community Celebration
    • Coffee with Legislators, Mayor, Supervisor and Superintendent of Schools
    • Other events that may arise during the year

Economic Development
How Involved Should the Carlisle Chamber Be?

  1. Assist City (What Can We Do to Assist?)
  2. Does Chamber Need Its Own Committee?


  1. Need Further Discussion – committee to look into and discuss how we can work to assist in areas needed
  2. Believe City is Doing A Great Job


  1. How Often?
  2. What Do We Want to Present?


  1. Bi-Weekly
  2. Presidents Message
  3. Promoting all Events
  4. Highlighting Business & Board Member of Month
  5. Form available for businesses to fill out to highlight in newsletter
  6. Tool of Resources, look at possibility, committee assignment

Governmental Affairs
Explore Relationships with:
City, State, Federal, Supervisors

  1. Attend City Council Meetings
  2. Meet with State Legislators
  3. Attend GDMP Meetings on State & Federal Issues
  4. Hosting Regional Legislative Luncheon


  1. Board Members Sign up to Attend One City Council Meeting Throughout the Year
  2. Participate in Day on the Hill with GDMP
  3. Hold a Monthly Coffee with Legislators, Mayor, Supervisor & Superintendent of Schools During Session
  4. If Budget Allows – Participate in GDMP DC Trip

Objective: Community Development – Non-Profit Groups

  1. Become more Familiar with Non-Profit Groups
  2. Board Participation in Chamber & Community Events
  3. Meet throughout the year with our non-profits


  1. Every board Member Should Serve on A Committee (Ask Membership to Serve on a Committee)
    • Golf
    • Annual Dinner
    • PumpkinFest
    • Light Up Carlisle
    • 4th of July
    • Annual Dinner
    • Community Celebration
    • Pub Crawl
    • Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
    • All Board Members Attend Ribbon Cuttings
    • Other

Objective: Tourism

  • Continue serving on Committees
  • Arts North River Art & Culture
  • Signage
  • Funding
  • Other as they arise