Spring is coming and in a few months we will all enjoy the beautiful hanging baskets loaded with gorgeous flowers lining First Street. The Beautification Committee does a great job of planting the seeds in the spring, and nurturing the young plants until they are moved onto the light poles.
Then, the twice-a-day watering routing begins from spring until fall. The consistent care of the plants is performed by volunteers, and it is a big project to grow the plants and keep them looking their best for residents and visitors in downtown Carlisle.
You are invited to help. If you would like to donate dollars to help cover the cost of the plants and supplies, or if you would like to volunteer to work with and water the plants, please contact the Carlisle Area Chamber of Commerce at 515/ 989-4216 today. Donations may be mailed to Barbara Rasko, Carlisle Area Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 487, Carlisle, IA 50047.
You can know that you have had a part in helping put on the spectacular beauty of the traditional hanging baskets by donating today. Your dollars and the many volunteers that make this happen are so appreciated. Thank you.

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