This is an opportunity to hear from your Representatives Senator Garrett, Representative Boden, Warren County Supervisor McIntyre, City of Carlisle, Mayor Merrifield and Superintendent of Schools, Superintendent Amos. Please come with questions you may have for each of our guests. Questions feel free to contact the Carlisle Chamber at 515-989-4216 or

The format for the meeting is as follows:

Devin – Welcome
Devin – Introductions, ask each speaker to introduce themselves
Devin – Explain Purpose of Gathering – to hear from each of our guests to give an update on the State Legislative Issues, update from our Supervisor, Mayor & Superintendent
Devin – Each has 5 minutes for their update, Starting with our Mayor Merrifield, then go to Senator Garrett, Representative Boden, Supervisor McIntyre, then Superintendent Amos
Devin – We will then be open for questions that have been submitted, no questions from the floor, please. If you have additional questions please submit them and Devin will ask the questions.
Devin – After questions and answers, thank everyone for attending and thank our guests.
Devin – We do hope to do these coffees monthly during the legislative session, possibly the 4th Saturday of each month.
11:30 Adjourn – Again, thank you for attending

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