Hello Community Partners! The last two weeks of March 2020 were difficult – and we are SO THANKFUL for the support we received to end our cookie season strong. Girl Scout Cookie Season 2021 has been even more trying and has the potential to really hurt the organization as a whole. To give perspective, Carlisle Girl Scouts are 1,000 cases short of where we ended last year. That’s a 12,000-package decrease in Carlisle alone – a $60,000 loss. We are looking for community partners who are willing to purchase Girl Scout cookies in a variety of ways.

1) Business can buy out one of our booths! This creates amazing buzz for your business and we will help promote it on social media and in area newspapers. You show up at a pre-planned booth and surprise the girls by “buying us out!” You can purchase cookies for your staff, clients or favorite charity – or donate them to our Yay for Teachers campaign.

2) Donate straight to our Yay for Teachers Girl Scout campaign! Our teachers and school staff have gone above and beyond this year and our girls have a goal of giving one box of cookies to each community district staff member. So far this year, we’ve raised $639, far shy of our $1,750 goal.

3) Pick a charity and shower them with cookies! The food pantry, the police/fire departments, etc. Questions? Please contact us at CarlisleGirlScouts@gmail.com, Venmo: @CarlisleTroop709. Looking to personally purchase cookies? We can help you out there, too! Send us a message and we’ll pair you with a local Girl Scout. We so appreciate the support we get from our community!!! Thank you!

Peggy Hugen CarlisleGirlScouts@gmail.com
Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa
Co-Service Unit 551
Manager Troop 709 Leader

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